Patients can have their sample collected at any of our convenient locations.

To book an appointment online, please click on the link below:

To find a LifeLabs location please visit the link below:.

To book an appointment over the phone, please call:

  • Ontario: 1-877-849-3637
  • British Columbia: 1-855-412-4495 or 1-877-507-5595
  • Other provinces/autres provinces, please call LifeLabs Genetics: 1-844-363-4357

For patients located in remote areas or those with special considerations, we do provide self-collection saliva kits. The kits can be shipped to the ordering healthcare provider, to a LifeLabs patient care centre and, in certain cases, directly to the patient.

Please contact us to discuss whether a saliva kit is appropriate for a specific case and/or test.