Breast Cancer Prognostic Gene Signature Assay

Now Available

LifeLabs is pleased to offer the Prosigna™ Breast Cancer Prognostic Gene Signature assay to Canadian patients.
Prosigna™ is an in vitro diagnostic breast cancer assay based on hundreds of publications characterizing the PAM 50 genomic signature of cancer. It assesses the gene expression profile of cells found in a woman’s breast cancer tissue.

This information is then used to identify specific aspects of the tumor and evaluate the Risk of Recurrence (ROR) of cancer in postmenopausal women with early stage hormone receptor positive breast cancer.

The Prosigna™ Assay is approved by Health Canada, enabling Canadian oncologists and pathologists to better meet the prognostic and therapeutic needs of breast cancer patients without sending tissue samples outside of Canada.

Prosigna™ is a comprehensive genomic assay which:

  • Provides intrinsic subtype classification (luminal A, luminal B, HER2-enriched, basal-like)
  • Establishes a Risk of Recurrence (ROR) that incorporates a patient’s molecular profile, intrinsic subtype, tumour size, and proliferation score
  • Calculates the probability of Distant Recurrence at 10 years by incorporating the ROR score, node status, and intrinsic subtype
  • Identifies 26% fewer ‘intermediate risk’ patients compared to Oncotype DX, providing clearer prognostic follow up information for the patient
  • Is the only Health Canada and FDA approved genomic assay for the stratification of breast cancer reoccurrence risk
  • Has a rapid 2-week turnaround time

How to Order

To order the Prosigna™ Assay for your patient, please follow the steps below. This test is not currently funded by provincial health plans.

  1. Download and complete the requisition form
  2. Send specimen and all forms by FedEx to:LifeLabs, Histology Department (Attn: QMP), 100 International Blvd, Toronto M9W 6J6
    (Please call 1-844-363-4357 to obtain LifeLabs FedEx account #)

    • The specimen can be slides or a tumour block. Please see the Prosigna requisition for specific information on specimen type
    • Receive results
      • Consult with LifeLabs if you have any questions
      • Result interpretation guide are also available


Sample report