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  • Applicable to most common chronic conditions
TreatGx Plus is designed to minimize harmful reactions to medications, find the best dosage for you, tell you which medications are most likely to be effective for you, and empower both physicians and patients. TreatGx Plus has many applications but should be considered by anyone taking medications for a range of chronic conditions, including cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, pain management, mental health, neurological, respiratory, diabetes, gastrointestinal, and renal conditions.

Each person’s genetic makeup is unique, and this means people may react differently to the same medications. Depending on your genes, some medications may cause serious side effects, some maybe more effective, and some may be less effective at treating your condition.

Through analysis of a simple cheek swab, TreatGxPlus will reveal how your body reacts to certain medicines. It can warn of a drug-gene interaction that can cause dangerous and unpleasant adverse responses – anything from a mild rash to a severe, life-threatening situation.

TreatGxPlus also tells you how quickly your body will break down a drug, and whether you might need a lower or higher dose.

While the test may benefit anyone who wants to understand their medication, it is especially useful for those requiring multiple prescriptions. Mixing medications not only increases the likelihood of side effects but also may lead to taking even more medications. TreatGxPlus can help identify whether you are at increased risk of experiencing an adverse drug reaction and whether your prescriptions may interact with each other so that safer and more effective medications can be prescribed.


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A comprehensive report and access to the TreatGxPlus decision support online tool


The field of genetics is always evolving – and so are we.

Frequently Asked Questions for the Test

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How long will the TreatGXPlus test results stay relevant? How often will I need to redo the test?

There are two parts to this test: your pharmacogenetic information and access to the online decision support tool. Your genetic results do not change and are likely to be useful for your entire life. However, due to the anticipated continuous advancement in the burgeoning field of pharmacogenetics, the test and online decision support tool will be updated periodically so make sure to login whenever you or your physician feel there is a need to modify or adjust your treatment plan.

Check out the drug and condition search tool in the test details section to find out if there is a known genetic marker that impacts your metabolism or response to your medications. Also download a full list of medications supported by TreatGxPlus service.

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