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LifeLabs offers a genetic test and provides access to a smart online tool to help you and your doctor tailor your medication to your unique genetic makeup and health profile. Providing your doctor with smart tools for personalized care can help them to determine the safest and most effective medication with you.

Can genetics influence your medication and what is pharmacogenetic testing?

Each one of the trillions of cells that make up our body contain DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid), which holds all the information needed by a cell to function. DNA is grouped into units called “genes” that act as a set of instructions, and are passed down from parents to their children. Each person’s genetic makeup is unique, and this means people may react differently to the same medications. Depending on your genes, some medications can be more or less effective, and some medications may cause serious side effects. The TreatGxPlus service tells you about the different ways your body may react to medications. These results can be used to help you and your doctor select the best medication and dosing for you.

What is the TreatGxPlus service?

TreatGxPlus is a smart online tool that helps you and your doctor identify safe and effective medications that are right for you, right from the start. TreatGxPlus combines your pharmacogenetic and medical profile with the best evidence.

How does the TreatGxPlus service work?

The service incorporates a variety of potential interactions that affect how medications work in your body, adjusting medication options based on:

Any of these interactions can cause an adverse drug reaction which is an appreciably harmful or unpleasant response. These can range from a mild rash to a severe life-threatening situation. TreatGxPlus can help identify if you are at increased risk of experiencing an adverse drug reaction, so that a safer medication can be prescribed.

What does the TreatGxPlus service include?

Your TreatGxPlus service will include:

  • your pharmacogenetic test
  • access to a report of your test results
  • access to TreatGxPlus online medication decision support tool

Can pharmacogenetic testing tell me if I have an increased risk of certain medical conditions?

The TreatGxPlus service helps you make better medication choices by identifying only those areas of your genes that interact with medications. The test will not tell you or your doctor about diseases that you might get, for example cancer, vascular or Alzheimer’s disease.

Can my ancestry be identified?

No, the TreatGxPlus service does not help identify your ancestry. Unlike other genetic tests, the TreatGxPlus service is designed only to tell you about your medication choices.

1 Dawes M, et al. Introducing pharmacogenetic testing with clinical decision support into primary care: a feasilbility study. CMAJ open. 2016:4(3), E528.
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How is the test performed?

The test requires a cheek swab.

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When will I get my results?

Test results will be available within 2 weeks once the lab receives your sample.

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Did You Know?

Up to 97% of people have differences in their DNA that affect how medications will react in their bodies.1

LifeLabs Partners with GenXys

LifeLabs is pleased to announce a partnership with GenXys Healthcare Systems to offer a service that helps physicians prescribe medications based on their patients’ specific medical and genetic profile. LifeLabs is working to deliver personalized medicine to Canadians based on the best evidence through this innovative partnership with GenXys.

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