Whole Exome Sequencing



In collaboration with Centogene, LifeLabs now offers whole exome sequencing (WES) as well as whole genome sequencing (WGS). This sequencing technology looks at all the coding regions of a person’s genome, examining thousands of genes simultaneously. For this reason, WES and WGS are among the best methods of detecting the causal mutation in complex genetic conditions, as well as identifying new mutations.

WES/WGS requires a sample from the patient as well as samples from each of the biological parents, whenever possible (trio). Having parental samples can provide genetic insights and improve the results for the patient. With trio cases, reports will not be issued for the parents unless prior arrangements are made.

Test Option Turn-Around Time Price  (CDN)
WES Single (Gold)      8 weeks $ 1, 950
WES Trio (Gold)      8 weeks $ 3,500
WES Single (Platinum)      3 weeks $ 2, 950
WES Trio (Platinum)      3 weeks $ 6,000
WGS      6 weeks $ 8, 000
*Prices updated Sept. 2017

How to order

  1. Complete the requisition form
  2. Apply for funding from the Ministry of Health (if applicable)
  3. Collect and send sample to LifeLabs Genetics OR have the sample collected at a Patient Service Centre
    • Find your nearest Patient Service Centre for sample collection

Incidental Findings

LifeLabs and Centogene adhere to the “ACMG Recommendations for Reporting of Incidental Findings” and will not report on findings not directly related to the cause of a disease and not listed in the ACMG guidelines. However, it does mean that we will report variants detected in certain genes that are outlined in these recommendations as being medically actionable. If you would prefer not to receive this information in your report, it is possible to opt out of this service.


More details about Centogene’s WES testing on the website 

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WEBINAR: Introduction to WES (June 2017)