treatGXLandingBGsm Pharmacogenetic Testing Service


TreatGx Plus predicts an individual’s response to prescription medications by analyzing medication-to-medication, medication-to-disease and medication-to-genetic interactions. These personalized results lead to ideal drug, brand and dosage combinations.

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Expanded Carrier Screen

Counsyl ForesightTM, an expanded carrier screen for informed family planning.

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Non-invasive Prenatal Testing

Panorama™ is a highly accurate and comprehensive non-invasive prenatal screening test.

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Breast Cancer ProSigna™ Assay

ProSigna™ helps to assess the risk of recurrence in patients diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer.

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Hereditary Conditions

Offering one of the largest menus of single gene genetic tests and Next Generation Sequencing panels worldwide.

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Whole Exome Sequencing

A powerful DNA sequencing technology which is able to simultaneously analyze thousands of genes.

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